Postpartum Holistic Doula Services

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Jessica is passionate about parent education and this is what I love most about her. Each session we had together left me with a host of new knowledge to explore and practice. She has a very soothing and calming energy which was welcomed during the very tender postpartum days of my first birth. My daughter and I both loved the Healing Touch that she provided with essential oils. 

Her expertise was evident during our time together and she often provided follow up information and resources that I still use to this day. I can't recommend Jessica's Holistic Care services enough. She curates support to meet you where you are and addresses the specific needs and concerns that are unique to your family. 

-Laura Torbett, new mom to sweet baby girl


I felt very fortunate to have Jessica as a supportive professional through my pregnancy and postpartum journey. She is knowledgeable, kind, patient and present. She listened to my goals and advocated for my success. We worked a lot on breastfeeding. In particular she helped make my breastfeeding experience safe and joyful. What I appreciated most was her emotional availability. Huge thank you to her service and passion.

-Jaclyn Fenske, second-time mother

I am so overjoyed that I had Jessica as a postpartum doula after our second child was born. We used her for late evening/overnight care to assist me and the baby. I could sleep so much more soundly knowing that she was in the nursery keeping an eye on baby.

She always brought a resource or gadget for me to help with whatever I was going through whether it was easy recipes, ideas to engage my older child or an essential oil to sooth us.

It was a delight to have a Registered Nurse with a holistic emphasis on hand. Jessica's patience and experience were a treasure to us during those first hard newborn weeks.

If you are pondering whether or not to hire a Jessica as a postpartum doula, DO IT. Mothers need more support in these modern times.

- Angel Kwiatkowski, second-time mother