Holistic Postpartum Care


Professional Postpartum Support is the best gift for families!

Bringing a new baby into a family is a huge transition for the whole family. Often families are overwhelmed and wishing that their baby came with a user’s manual. I help women and families discover they do have a user’s manual and it’s often referred as intuition, a gut feeling, or inner knowledge. It’s the part of you that needs to be nurtured and supported during this time so you can grow into a confident and empowered parent. I provide holistic postpartum support to families as they navigate their new roles and welcome their newest member. I offer breastfeeding support, education regarding the physical and emotional recovery of birth for mother and baby, Healing Touch, education on normal newborn behaviors, support for partners and siblings.

The key to a smooth transition to parenting is planning for the postpartum period, having realistic expectations and arranging to be well-supported during this transition. Remember adolescence? Plan for that type of growth in a much shorter time period. You have probably heard all the terrifying stories out there and rest assured it doesn’t have to go that way if you know what to expect and you plan for it. Believe it or not, you can thrive during the postpartum period and cherish this time with your baby. Wouldn’t it be lovely to look back on it with admiration as opposed to negativity? I would be honored to help you adjust to this new stage of life.

I will work with your family’s specific needs and requests.


This is for you if

  • You want individualized continuous support for the first 8 weeks postpartum with the option of adding more visits if needed

  • You want support for your whole family

  • You want visits in the comfort of your home

  • You want text/email/phone support

  • You want support that is non-judgemental and helps you identify and meet your individual needs

  • You want to become more empowered in your roles as parents

  • You want mini Healing Touch sessions during our scheduled visits and one full length Healing Touch session.

  • You want complimentary Healing Touch sessions for your baby up to one year of age

  • You want to buy new parents the *Perfect* gift!