Holistic Consultation

Holistic consultations are for women and families during the childbearing year. 

Pregnancy and early parenting are life changing experiences. They can be exciting, joyful, overwhelming and scary all at the same time!  I provide holistic consultations to women and families to support them during this complex and often stressful time. Holistic care recognizes that we are more than a sum of all of our parts. I care for the whole person. Providing holistic care means that I use all of my expertise to support the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of you. I also consider your family values and your environment in our care plan. These consultations are prefect for families that don’t quite need a postpartum package but would still like some support.


This is for you if

  • You want a combination of the holistic services I offer

  • You have things balanced for the most part but need a little help to meet your needs with the option of adding more help if you change your mind.

  • You want only one visit or a few visits

  • You want personalized care that looks at you as a whole person

  • You want support that is tailored to your family's individual needs

  • You want someone to meet with at any point in time (before, during and/or after your baby is born)

  • You want support in addition to your doctor, midwife, and/or birth doula

  • You want to be empowered as you transition to parenthood

What are my areas of expertise?

I am a registered nurse, a certified postpartum doula and a student of healing touch. I bring a wealth of knowledge from each of these areas to my practice of holistic support. I invite you to learn more about me and my qualifications on my ABOUT page.

How is this different than the other services I provide?

When you meet with me for a holistic consultation you are getting a combination of all of the services I have to offer. You will receive customized support and care that utilizes my expertise as a registered nurse, a postpartum doula, and a Healing Touch student. Postpartum support typically only covers the first 6 weeks after birth and consists of multiple scheduled visits each week. I want to offer a service that supports and cares for women and their families at any point during the childbearing year. These consultations are for the family that wants support but doesn’t desire the level of support my postpartum packages provide. I created these consultations to meet your unique needs.

What can I do for you?

My passion is educating soon-to-be and new parents. I can help you plan for the common challenges of the childbearing year. This may include: nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, self-care, emotional support, early parenting, newborn care and safety, bonding with newborn, breastfeeding, sibling support and more. My goal is to support you and your partner for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges of pregnancy, labor and early parenting.

How much do these sessions cost?

$150/session (90 mins)

Each session includes follow-up correspondence