Aqua Doula Birth Tub Rental


The AquaDoula birth tub is an affordable comfort measure for your upcoming birth. AquaDoula was specifically designed with the needs of labor and birth in mind. Once filled with warm water, the AquaDoula will maintain its temperature for the duration of your entire labor. The rigid padded walls are comfortable and strong enough to support your body weight while you labor. With a diameter of 4.5 feet the tub is spacious enough to accommodate you and your support person. With a depth of a little over 2 feet the water level is deep enough to fully immerse your body. You will experience the comforts of being buoyant and weightless. The water allows you to easily maneuver your fully-pregnant body and find comfortable positions. Floating and free-movement are extremely effective pain management techniques.


This is for you if

  • You want a birth tub specifically designed for labor/birth

  • You want effective pain control with no side effects

  • You want a heated birth tub that will maintain the water temperature for your ENTIRE labor. No need to boil and haul buckets of water to rewarm a tub of cold water. The tub is ready whenever you are.

  • You want an affordable birth tub

  • You want a birth tub that is quick and easy to set up

  • You want to lean on the walls of the tub without worrying about flooding your living room.

  • You want to relax and labor surrounded by warm water.