Welcome to Harmony Birth Services


My name is Jessica Bondurant and I am passionate about providing holistic postpartum nursing care and Healing Touch energy work to women and their families. I provide customized care to meet the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and cultural needs of you and your growing family. The childbearing year is a sacred time that is often challenging for women and their families. My care will not just help you get through the childbearing year it will help you thrive. Investing in the right support is a lifelong gift for both you and your growing family.


  • Holistic Nursing Consultation

  • Holistic Postpartum Nursing Care

  • Healing Touch energy work

  • Lactation Support

  • Aqua Doula Birth Tub Rental


“Jessica has a very soothing and calming energy which was welcomed during the very tender postpartum days of my first birth.” - New Mother